Online Marketing Trends 2013

Online Marketing Trends 2013 - Online marketing in the year 2012 can be summarized in three main points, namely the mobile market, major brands, and update Google. Similarly, the conclusion drawn by Joanna Lord, expert online marketing and SEO in Seattle, as quoted by the site What the Lord is indeed thus concluded. Technology moves to make mobile device manufacturers compete strictly. The competition is still dominated by the big players. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, being an example.

So, what is the trend of online marketing next year? Lord described some future trends. Here are the tips:

1. Increased product "second screen"
Products "second screen" or the so-called mobile penetration will grow stronger. Moreover, 75% of the population was able to access the device on the move. Therefore, marketers now do not deny the importance of giving value to these products for the benefit of the brand and its clients. Inevitably, the brand should be able to take advantage of mobile devices for marketing. Any information about the brand, such as websites, must be accessed in a user-friendly mobile devices.

2. The rise of the use of game design techniques
Applications increasingly loved game. Kind of even more diverse. In fact, this model is not a game for the game itself, but also for the brand. Many brands are given a touch of the game that gives pleasure for the customer brand experience. Big brands, business start-ups, and other companies will allocate the purse for the engineering design of the product and their service games this year.

3. Increasingly focus attention on "Inbound Marketing"
With the growth of social marketing, marketers now have to invest in adding new values ​​to the business. The term "inbound marketing" is the type of marketing where brands allocate their resources to create the content, conversations, and other valuable resources that drive the customer to the product as well as their website. Marketing budgets this year will include budget to boost the quality of content, good web site design and analytic systems.

4. Growing data visualization
Data services will increasingly be required by the contemporary consumer. Many companies will focus on data visualization and data services is more easily accessible by anyone.

5. Customer loyalty is more advanced
Marketers now realize that it is more expensive to obtain a new customer than retain an existing customer. Therefore, maintaining customer loyalty to be a trend that will be pursued by many companies, especially with their online marketing. It is challenging marketers to become even more creative in delivering the experience and satisfaction of its customers.

6. Brand as a social influencer
Brand getting a lot of media and platforms to be social influencers in business. Social Platform is like Pinterest, Facebook, Foursquare, and so on. In 2013, they will continue to grow, reaching a wider community, and give effect to related products and services.

7. Developing analytical systems
Analytical system for measuring the success of online marketing will also be growing this year. Many marketers want to implement new ways to analyze their business and marketing online. This analytical system is needed so that marketers can map their business or create a roadmap.

8. Design is king
Packaging content in online marketing system that will be at stake. Therefore, presenting the competing brand website design is certainly more interesting and user friendly. Many marketers will recruit reliable designer to make over the appearance of their web sites.

9. Growing local marketing
Many local companies do not have many tools to understand how to develop local resources, including conducting customer engagement and measure the success of their marketing. This year, many local companies began to develop themselves in ways they were more qualified local. 4.5
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