Jackie Chan Success Story

Jackie Chan is an actor with a lot of talent and versatility. He can play the movie kung fu, singing, comedy, and various other challenging roles. Remarkably, to carry out the action films that a lot of stunts, he refused to use a stunt double. Thus, not infrequently, mild to serious injuries often suffered. However, that's a Jackie Chan. He always played miserably in every job she lived.

Jackie Chan was born to a poor family, Charles and Lee-lee Chan on 7 April 1954, Jackie apparently was accustomed trained kungfu since childhood by his father. Perhaps, this is the main base makes Jackie has a mental steel to undergo any role in his life. According to his father, learning martial arts to build character, patience, strength, and courage, like that of Jackie today.

The attitude is evident in the life of young Jackie. When he was only stepping seven years, she was separated from her parents who went to Australia to work. At that time, he was entrusted to attend the China Drama Academy. At that school, being honed abilities, ranging from martial arts, acrobatics, singing, and acting. Moreover, the pattern of teaching in the school is very hard, although sometimes made him suffer, even more sharpening mental.

Jackie's career filled with challenges. Beginning his career with a lot of missed only extras or stuntman. Only courage in playing dangerous scenes that made Jackie quickly known and widely used in several films. Unfortunately, the film industry in Hong Kong had subsided. He eventually moved to Australia following the parents who have been living there. But, he did not stand long in kangaroo country.

Jackie finally returned to Hong Kong when he got the offer to play in a movie at the invitation of Willie Chan, a talent scout. Despite the lack of success, the film was titled: "New Fist of Fury" began to raise his name. After a few films did not match expectations, eventually the two films, namely "Snake in Eagle's Shadow" and "Drunken Master" catapulted him into Asia and eventually came to Hollywood. There, he had made a number of films were quite popular, such as Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon.

Now at the peak of his popularity and success he had not forgotten his past self will also suffer. Because of that, he is committed to expand social activities. One of them was shown when he helped and visited Aceh after the tsunami. He has now also been appointed as UNICEF and UNAIDS ambassador, as well as making some foundation to help people in need, from providing scholarships, to free treatment. Jackie is also a lot of traveling around the world on a mission of peace. What a meaningful life when someone has a heart for caring and helping others. - Jackie Chan Success Story 4.5
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