Sir Edmund Hillary Success Story
Sir Edmund Hillary Success Story - We all know the achievements of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. They are two of the first to conquer the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest. They overcome the cliffs and peaks with elevations of 29.028 feet above sea level on May 29, 1953.

Both men could face many obstacles with ease, blocking them achieve their ultimate goal. Just because they are so focused on the job at hand then they succeed. The night before they reached the top, they lay cold, fatigue, and hunger; perched on the edge of a slippery cliff and covered with ice. They were almost to the point of giving up, but they are still looking at their dream, so they are not so concerned with the little things that bother them. Finally, they decided to still try and resolve their main goal.

How the people of New Zealand could are skinny, young beekeepers and a Nepalese Sherpa able to reach the highest peak in the world, while countries with a tradition of exceptional mountain climbing, such as Norway and the UK have not put one person on top? There are many reasons that both men should give up or fail in their journey.

However, there is one big reason why they did not fail. And the reason it is Everest itself.

Like the true champion, the people did not pay attention to small annoyances, they looked really focus only on what the purpose of their major accomplishments. Both men face a daunting weather conditions, including snowstorms and landslides. There are steep cliffs, crevices fragile, slippery surfaces and the ice is brittle. Many of the obstacles that caused their team members fall into the abyss. However, they went on. Usually, a team has three Sherpa to help lift the stock, but they only use one only. In order to go forward, they reduce their weight and many supplies are discarded. Many essential goods such as food, sleeping bags and clothing should be discarded. Sir Edmund and Tenzing had to fight against dehydration, extreme cold, lack of oxygen and exhaustion as they try to achieve their goals.

The main reason they start climbing it very clear that conquering the mountain. The conclusion was that the only people who have clear goals and strategies capable of completing the job at that.

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