Connect Brand to Human With Story

Connect Brand to Human With Story
Story is something that will connect your brand to customers. Certainly every small or start up business has it. As a king of business in the social media age, rethinking the way you express your company’s core value is an opportunity that you have for drawing devoted customers.

A new online recipe database called Foodily, set out to brand themself as the largest aggregator of recipes on the web. But after hiring a Vancouver-based social media agency that known by the name LoveSocial, they realized that wasn’t anything to be told.

Foodilys’s core value was redefined by Azita Ardakani Founder. She said that it gives you the opportunity to spend more time eating at home with family and friends. She asked consumers on social media to inform about the meaning of eating at home and share their favourite dinner table memories. She says, "We saw a natural conversation erupting".

Azita said that the DNA of Social Media is Human Connectivity. It is what made Ardakani’s interpretation of Foodily's core value so much more successful.
One of the way to engage customers, trying to create an emotional appeal. Try these three tips to express your core values ​​and connect your brand with customers.

1. Expand your value idea. Define your value not in business term but in human term, to stand out in today’s market.
2. Establish common language.  Your company's core value is a bit like your vision - everyone at your company needs to be on the same page.
3. Give your brand a human voice. When you know why you matter and how to describe your core value, search and get the type of person that could best deliver that message.
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