Five Tips How to be creative junkies

Five Tips How to be creative junkies
Creative is one of the attributes required to be owned by a businessman. How could I not? You have to think about how to make an interesting differentiation to declare a solid marketing strategy so that your efforts are not in vain. All of that of course requires creative energy from within you.

Five Tips How to be creative junkies - Creativity makes you win the competition, it can even bring your business to lead the market. Is a book written by Sebastian Yoris, a creative entrepreneur who achieved success thanks to the always-creative thinking.

The book is organized in a creative and fun. More images and words of motivation than their contents. Language is simple and uncomplicated, and the stark but effective explanation makes this book so good for your insight to think more creatively.

There are 101 tips were shared by the authors in the book titled "101 Creative Notes" is. Here I will share a few tips.

1. "I’m born creative."

The first step that must be done in order to be creative is to debunk that you are not born to be creative. All children are born creative. The problem is, many of those who did not hone creativity and Right brain not even use at all.

Still remember as a child? Almost all kids love coloring. Although not all children are good at drawing, but almost all of them liked to draw as a child. When it is great, very few who still likes to draw and color.

It simply shows that without us knowing, existing creative seed inside of you one by one, begin to disappear. You use too much left-brain right brain that is not too refined. In fact, the right brain is the source of creativity.

2. "I'm possible."

Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, "I'm possible.” - Audrey Hepburn

if you have anything you think is not possible, in the end you are just going to do the mediocre. You have many possibilities; it all depends on you and on your thinking.

If you already think it is possible, then the door to get to the next road is open. Problems successful or not, but at least you want to go and try.

Every step there are pros and cons, but according Yoris, every step was worth it to try if you always open up possibilities.

Including the possibility that you are a creative person.

3. Believe

if you really want to be creative, you have to believe that you are creative and have the will for it. If you desire to be creative just is not there, would you be more difficult to be creative.

You must believe that you already have the seeds of creativity and the creative is not a factor but an innate skill that can be trained, and then the path to creativity will be more wide open.

So, you have to believe. If not yourself, who would believe?

4. Creativity is a skill

Never too late to learn to be creative. We are all born creative, you need to do is to familiarize yourself to be creative. Creativity is a habit and a skill that can be continuously trained.

Just like riding a bike, initially difficult. However, being trained, you will become more proficient, and finally up the bike smoothly. In fact, there are already fluent and proficient, can ride a bike with the off hand.

Similarly, creativity must be a bit difficult initially. However, being trained, we will be more adept and creative ideas finally come out continuously without having to look for.

5. You corrupted Routines

One simple way to be more creative is to start fighting your daily routine. Creativity is something different. How can doing something different when you are trapped in your routine?

101 creative notes

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